The Choice is Yours…

  1. Qualified technicians

    Our service technicians are highly qualified to meet all customer HVAC needs. Each employee attends regular training and certification programs in order to stay up-to-date on the newest technologies and developments in the industry.

  2. Timely service

    We understand the inconvenience when your equipment is not working properly, therefore we have adopted a strict and timely service policy. Tom Ellis Refrigeration is devoted to reaching all customers in a timely fashion to get you back to a comfortable, working state.

  3. Affordable rates

    Repairs and maintenance can be costly and difficult to pay. Tom Ellis Refrigeration offers superior quality service at affordable rates, below many of our competitors. So when you have a problem you can feel comfortable knowing the bill won’t break your bank.

  4. 24 hour service

    Breakdowns don’t always occur at the most convenient hour. That why we provide our customers with 24 hours service so you can rest assured that you’ll have service around the clock.

  5. Senior attention

    Tom Ellis Refrigeration provides senior level attention to every job, big or small. Our customers benefit from the experience of seasoned industry professionals supported by our strong employee team.

  6. Outstanding reputation

    For two decades Tom Ellis has strived for excellence in the HVAC industry. Our customers have come to expect quality. We provide them with industry expertise and access to leading HVAC brands and companies.

  7. Customer dedication

    At Tom Ellis Refrigeration we believe the customer makes the business. Therefore we are dedicated to aligning ourselves with each customer to help meet every need and provide a beneficial relationship.